Sunday, 8 October 2017

Photo a day #1

I've really sucked at taking photos this past year, and it's something I've felt very aware of. I've always loved seeing people's project 365s and having a little peek into their world, and I remember trying to do it a few years ago. I'm not sure how I feel about committing to a whole year, but a month is definitely doable so here's the first part of October.

1/30 - Monday 2nd October

This was my first day back at uni, so you can imagine I was exhausted! Not only did my body have to re-adjust to waking up at 7am, we also had a full on day of dissertation planning. I was relieved to finally get home and have a cup of tea, especially as my lovely new Moomin mug had arrived from Finland. It's a recent release based on Tove Jansson's illustrations and it's moody atmosphere makes it feel perfect for this time of year.

2/30 - Tuesday 3rd October

As I said in my last post, recently I've gotten very much back into using my sketchbook every day. I usually take no notice of Inktober, but I decided this year it'd be a good excuse to practice. My aim isn't to create any finished pieces, I'm not even fussed about doing all of the days, I'm just taking the prompts as inspiration for doodles for my sketchbook. I doubt I'll share many as I'm doing them for me, a habit I'm very much enjoying getting back into instead of the absurd pressure to make everything for social media.

3/30 - Wednesday 4th October

I got concert tickets to see Roger Waters!! I can barely contain my excitement. I've been looking on with envy as he's toured North America this year, willing him to come back to his home country. I actually got tickets to see him twice as this feels like such a momentous occasion. I'll be seeing him in London at British Summer Time festival, and the very next day in Birmingham so I figured I'd make it a little road trip. I'm excited to see how the festival performance varies from his own set up and stage design. Also these dates are right before my birthday and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate.

4/30 - Thursday 5th October

I went to see It again. Despite a truly awful disrespectful audience who laughed, talked, ate loudly, belched, and played on their phones throughout the entire film (seriously, why are people so inconsiderate?) I loved the film just as much on a second viewing and am still just as obsessed with it. I haven't been able to make my way through as much of the book as I would have liked due to my dissertation reading, but I recently downloaded the audio book so we'll see how I get on with that. I've never used audio books before so I'm not sure how my concentration span will compare to actually reading it myself.

5/30 - Friday 6th October

A full day at uni, I was truly exhausted after my first week back but I'm feeling excited about my final year. This page from my class sketchbook is what I worked on for most of the day, we've had to create a drink name from a pre-selected set of words and design the label.

6/30 - Saturday 7th October

I took my weekend fairly easy, and on Saturday I just popped to the craft shop for some wool and sewing bits and pieces. It was truly autumnal day with absolutely miserable weather, just how I like it!

7/30 - Sunday 8th October

I've spent most of today knitting and watching YouTube videos. I've lost my gloves, so decided I'd make my own this year. I've never knitted on double ended needles before, and it's funny as I can remember looking at them in the craft shop just this summer and wondering what on earth you'd do with those. It's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it!

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