Friday, 14 September 2018

'Cause getting your dreams, it's strange but it seems a little - well - complicated

I knew as soon as I booked the ticket that I wanted to write a blog entry about seeing Wicked to mark the occasion, but now I actually sit in front of my computer I feel so overwhelmed that I don't know what to say without it sounding trite. A lame review with a critique of the performances seems trivial, as to me it's so much bigger than that. Because it's not just Wicked (although it mostly is!) but also that this was the first time that I've been to the theatre since 2011 and it's the fact that I feel as though I've reclaimed that part of myself; that part of me that loved musical theatre with my whole entire being, that built my life around it, that went to the theatre multiple times a month, that got accepted into drama school and had every intention of making it my career.

I really can't say what it is about Wicked that's captivated me so thoroughly, as it's a show I'd seen before and liked enough even if no where near as much as I do now. It's funny how things can re-enter your life and just speak to your soul in a way that it didn't before. As soon as the show was finished and the actors had taken their final bows, I was already calculating when I can hopefully go and see it again and I spent the entire four hour journey home fiercly trying to remember every last detail. Which is just about the best review I can give it!

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  1. It looks like an amazing show! I'm glad you had a great time seeing it.


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