Thursday, 6 June 2019

My future is unlimited

At the end of May I went down to London for MCM Comic Con, which I hadn't been to since 2011 I think? Cosplay is something I've often been intrigued by and dipped my toe into now and then, I think it's an obvious hobby with me being a bit of a nerd about my interests and being a dress maker and overall crafty type. Confidence is what I lack, but I figured I'd never have any if I didn't force myself out of my comfort zone, so that's what I did.

I had intended to go as Coronation Elsa, but the weather ended up being far too warm so last minute I switched to a more casual Elsa look with my Secret Honey set and a wig I styled myself. I think it was a good choice as having a more casual outfit stopped me feeling quite so anxious about the whole thing, but it was obvious enough as a cosplay that little girls gasped when they saw me (always a wonderful feeling that makes me truly feel like the character!)

I came home brimming with future cosplay ideas, including cross-play which isn't an idea I'd even really thought of before for some reason? I don't know why, I guess I just felt like because I'm a girl I have to stick to female characters, but I saw some wonderful female cosplayers convincingly portraying male characters and felt inspired! It's definitely brand new territory, but something I'd really love to explore.

Although I only went to Comic Con on the Saturday, I made a whole weekend of the trip. On Friday I saw Come From Away which I actually went into completely blind and hadn't even listened to the soundtrack before, but I wanted to see something and knew it got rave reviews and nothing else grabbed me. Saturday after Comic Con I quickly nipped back to my hotel to de-Elsafy myself before going to see Wicked. It'll probably be my last time seeing it for a little while, and so my last time seeing the current cast who I really love which felt a bit sad. I also got to see Chris Jarman play the Wizard, who was fantastic! The next time I see Wicked will be at the Gershwin Theatre in New York, which feels beyond surreal!

I can't resist taking a thousand photos of the Time Dragon every time, I love the set design for Wicked so much!

Sunday was a pretty chilled out day and I spent most of it with my sketchbook. I did some sketching in the museums, then sat in Starbucks and watched the city go by while I finished off some Wicked illustrations as I felt inspired after seeing it again. I found Comic Con hugely inspiring as well, as it got me thinking about translating my work into products and what might work. I'm working on expanding my Wicked character set and I plan on turning them into key ring charms and sticker sheets - I've already got Boq and Nessarose sketched out.

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