Thursday, 19 September 2019

Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes

I went into Liverpool last week for the day for no particular reason. Sometimes I think it's fun to just go somewhere with no purpose in mind, and just go with the flow and see what happens when you're there. I've visited Liverpool before, back in 2016 I think? I used to be really into vintage and the whole 1960s thing back then and mostly did all of The Beatles sightseeing there is to do. It's weird to think that I feel like a completely different person to that version of myself as I've grown so much since then, but I remember really liking Liverpool back then and that hasn't changed at least. It's got a good vibe, and the people seem really nice. I couldn't resist popping by some of the Beatles landmarks again and it was really fun seeing it all (and I was really impressed with myself for remembering my way around and not needing any GPS! I'm usually not to good at directions)

Mathew Street, where The Cavern Club is located which is where The Beatles rose to prominence.

A replica of John Lennon's custom painted car.

This isn't the original Cavern Club - it closed and the original entrance was bricked in for the Merseyrail. It was reconstructed with many of the original bricks in the 1980s, and still operates as a music venue. Names of the many various musicians who've played there are engraved into each brick.

The Liver Building. I really like the old architecture around the city. It really makes me sad how crap architecture is nowadays.

I went into The Beatles museum last time and honestly it's kind of expensive for what it is really, as most things are replicas and not originals. It's still a fun immersive museum of you're into the subject matter though. I just dove into the gift shop for a mosey and bought a magnet. I now buy a magnet for every place that I visit as a memento, and as I'd visited the museum before and didn't get one it felt appropriate.

I really recommend Liverpool, even if you couldn't care less about The Beatles as there's a lot more to it besides. I've traveled extensively around England, and it remains one of my favourite cities (along with York and London). I wish I could have done more in the city for this visit, but I was still really ill (I've only just started to get better, it's been over a month!) and so didn't feel like venturing too far. There's always next time!

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  1. Wow, what a lovely day out. One day I'd love to travel to England, just to visit all the Beatles related sites. :)


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