Sunday, 15 September 2019

Project 365: II

10/365 - Sunday 8 September: All of the animals were out in the lane. Autumn is the time of year I'm most grateful to live in the countryside.

11/365 - Monday 9 September: I went hunting around my local charity shops for nothing in particular, and found this wonderful Russian plate with various characters from fairy tales and folklore. It does have some information in Russian on the back, and although I've been learning Cyrillic on and off there's no way I'm able to read it just yet. I love Russian fairy tales though, they inspire my illustration a lot and I did part of my final project at university on Baba Yaga, so the plate had to come home with me.

12/365 - Tuesday 10 September: I spent the day in Liverpool for no reason in particular.

13/365 - Friday 13 September: I got really ill when I was in Liverpool so missed a few days. Friday was spent in Meadowhall where I spent a gentle day browsing the shops just to get out and have a change of scenery (and check the Disney Store sale of course!). I spent some time drawing on my iPad in Costa - I've given up caffeine since I was in New York as it made me sick. It wasn't the coffee itself that made me sick, but rather I was so sick that the smell of it made it worse, and then I had terrible withdrawal as I've been drinking caffeine since I was child and to be honest the whole ordeal kind of scared me as I realised how powerful of a drug caffeine is. So I've been discovering alternatives, and I really enjoy Costa's Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate. I bought a handful of things from Primark, and got a proper book of Russian fairy tales with Ivan Bilibin's illustrations. I also popped across to IKEA as it's the only place I can get Lingonberry jam and it's my favourite.

14/365 - Saturday 14 September: I lost some weight and for a while now none of my jeans have fit, and there's no way I'm wasting good money on new jeans when I hardly wear them in the first place! They're 'mom' style jeans so they look OK a bit baggy, but they'd fall straight off me as the waist was so big. So I found a hack online that involves threading some elastic through the waistband and spent my Saturday afternoon hand sewing 3 pairs of jeans. It worked a treat!


  1. I love your posts, especially these photo a day challenges.
    Can't wait to read you next one. :)

  2. haha that jean hack is kind-of how they make toddler pants! I wonder which came first, the hack for adults, or an adult seeing the toddler pants and applying it to their jeans.

    Caffeine is so sneaky! I think most people don't notice how much they consume since it is in so many yummy things, coffee, tea, and cocoa.

    1. Really I think it should be in all jeans by default regardless of age, I don't know a single woman that doesn't have issues with jeans fitting as we've all got curves in different places. I'm hourglass so waist bands never fit me which is why I hardly ever wear pants.

      I know, it's really shocking! Most just associate it with coffee, but it's in so much!


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