Sunday, 22 September 2019

Project 365: III

15/365 - Sunday 15 September: I got my signed Playbill from Moulin Rouge! professionally framed ♥♥♥ The frame was custom made as Playbills are awkward dimensions, and it's all sealed up at the back so it's safe and sound. I'm just so, so happy with it as it's so important to me as it represents so much and was signed by one of my favourite actors, and now I can display it with pride on my shelf and take it traveling with me and know it won't ever get damaged. You can see my little New York snow globe in front of it too!

16/365 - Monday 16 September: Went for a wander around the antiques shops. I love when they set it out like a living room.

17/365 - Tuesday 17 September: Made a plum and blackberry upside down cake with fruit that I'd foraged from the lane. It was delicious!

18/365 - Wednesday 18 September: Spent most of the day coding a website, and this is the view from my desk. I was playing autumnal music from my bluetooth speaker and feeling cosy.

19/365 - Thursday 19 September: The weather suddenly got sunny, so I went for a little walk and all the bugs were out. Also finished my artwork using the #HarvestTales prompt using a new art technique.

20/365 - Friday 20 September: Did a proper top to bottom clean and tidy and felt so much better for it! I love when everything's in it's place, it looks so much more inviting.

21/365 - Saturday 21 September: Watching movies. This was Danish film 3 Ting which was ridiculously difficult to get hold of and the English subtitles made no sense half of the time, but I understood a lot of it regardless which made me really excited for how my language learning is progressing! I also watched Hodejegerne which I loved, and Ashes in the Snow which is set in Soviet run Lithuania which I'm a little ignorant on that period of history, I knew of the Soviet occupation but I never realised the extent of the atrocities.

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  1. I love these posts of yours. The upside down cake looks delicous! :)


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