Saturday, 7 September 2019

Project 365

I've been messing around with my domain name, I hope everything's working OK! Anyway, I've wanted to try my hand at doing a 365 project for years, and have dabbled with smaller term photo a days now and then but have never been able to commit to a full 365 as a full year has always felt too much commitment. But after coming back from New York I felt really inspired to give it a go, and I know it's not the typical time to start something like this but I also think surely there's no wrong time either? You just gotta do it when you feel like it or you never will.

I guess part of why I felt inspired to start this after coming home from New York is obviously I was documenting a lot when I was there, so it already started a bit of that habit in me. Also I feel like this is a year I'm going to want to remember, and I've learnt from looking back on the photo a day posts I have done that it's my favourite way of documenting because they're full of the smaller day to day memories, so are special as they're more personal. Also I simply want to get used to using my camera more, to get more comfortable carrying it everywhere and taking photos in public, and to also get used to taking photos on manual. I've had a DSLR for about 10 years, and I'm ashamed to say I've only ever used it on Auto and still don't understand all of the different settings, so I figure it's a great chance to learn all of that. Especially as I find myself relying on my point and shoot camera more and more as that's how I use my DSLR anyway, and I'm often unimpressed with the colours and so feel a need to cover them in filters. And I just really love seeing other peoples 365s so why not do my own!

001: Friday 30 August - Sorting through my New York memories, and creating a sketchbook spread of my tickets in my sketchbook.

002: Saturday 31 August - Mum got me a bunch of my favourite flowers as I've been really ill the past few weeks. You don't often see sunflowers with the reddish purple in the middle, they were so pretty.

003: Sunday 1 September - Went out looking for conkers as they've been a few big spiders around the house and I am not about that. Conkers do genuinely work, it's not just an old wives tale.

004: Monday 2 September - My new stickers arrived for my keyboard. I've had Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night on my laptop for about 3 years, and it was getting to a point where stickers were flying off when I typed as they were losing their tack. I used the same company again as they'd lasted so long, but this time went for something a little more muted that I think suits my silver laptop well. I'm also impressed as they've upgraded the stickers slightly, and they now have little holes to make room for the bits on the keys that stick up and the for the lights on some keys. They're by Keyshorts, and I like them as they'll create stickers for any laptop and aren't exclusive to Apple like so many.

005: Tuesday 3 September - Still ill, and getting through a lot of ginger tea with honey.

006: Wednesday 4 September - Joining in an illustration hashtag prompt for this month. I'm actually thinking of doing Inktober for the first time ever, I'm usually put off by all of the BS as so many cheat and work on it throughout September instead of each day through October, or use it purely for marketing and it's become a great example of how capitalist systems ruin everything nice and caused it leave a bad taste in my mouth. But I'm actually quite inspired by the prompt list this year, and I intend to do it properly each day, and not get too caught up in making every prompt perfect but just do it on my own terms for my own enjoyment. It's sad that doing things for yourself seems to be a revolutionary concept nowadays, but there you go.

007: Thursday 5 September - I stopped off in Oslo on my way back from New York, and I've been finishing off the things I bought. I've been learning Danish for a few months, and although this is obviously Norwegian there's quite a bit of crossover and it gave me a thrill being able to understand it (spoken I couldn't understand a word of though! Written is similar, but it sounds completely different to Danish)

008: Friday 6 September - I saw It: Chapter Two! The first screening they showed as I was so excited and so determined not to have it spoiled for me. I never noticed before I took this photo that the funky carpet at the cinema is reels of film, that's pretty cool.

009: Saturday 7 September - I finished my illustration for the prompt, I'm not thrilled with how it came out but considering how ill I've been I did the best I could. And I made a tomato and mushroom pizza completely from scratch, including the base, which isn't super photogenic but I was pleased with nonetheless. It was my first time ever making pizza from scratch, and now I've done it I can't fathom why anyone spends £20 on Domino's.

A little over a week just because I started at an uneven time, but hopefully I can get these up every Saturday from now on!


  1. Lovely to see you blogging again. Your accounts of New York and achieving your dream of seeing your favourite musical were brilliant reads, I could feel your enthusiasm from here! I'm glad you met your favourite actor and he was as nice as you'd hoped.
    Project 365 sounds very do-able. I take photos every day although, more often than not, it's only me that sees them. You've go a great eye so I'm looking forward to your weekly catch-ups.
    Learning Danish? How interesting? Their language fascinates me. There were a couple of Danish girls at one of the festivals, vintage is huge in Denmark in fact, in two of the most recent Danish dramas I've watched both lead roles are played by women who mainly wear vintage clothes (Anna in Follow the Money, season 3 and Sara in Advokaten. xxx

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! It really was an amazing time and everything I could of hoped for!
      I'm really enjoying learning Danish, I've tried other languages in the past but this one has really just clicked with me. My grandma was Danish so I have a little history with it too which I guess helps keep my interest for it going, and I've really fallen in love with Danish cinema this past year. I know their dramas are really popular and definitely something I need to dip into, I'll have to give the ones you've mentioned a look!

  2. Yay, I'm happy to read that you'll be doing the 365 Project.
    Your photos and tid bits about each day are wonderful.
    Also I've got to check out conkers, I've never heard of them before! :)

    1. Thank you! I always love reading other people's 365, I think they're a good way of really getting to know people.
      Conkers also get called 'horse chestnuts' if that's something you've heard of? Back in primary school kids would drill a hole through them and attach them to a string and have a game of conkers, but I think that might be just a British thing :)

  3. I did a 365 project one year. I skipped a few days, but it was nice to do. I would like to do it again, but I am afraid to take my nice camera out with me with a little toddler around.


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